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Who are we?

We're a team of professionally trained, certified and experienced instructors in all areas of personal protection, spanning techniques and technology. 

We provide access to the most advanced technologies available to law abiding citizens in the US, helping you protect yourself, your family and your business!


Depending on your needs (as well as local laws) we can help you choose the right tool for the most important job we're all responsible for - protecting our loved ones. 

Whether a firearm or a "less than lethal" device such as a Taser - we'll help you choose the right solution and train you and your family and/or employees to be safe and effective in its use. We'll cover the best practices in safely storing, maintaining and using your personal protection devices. 


Our partnerships with world leading vendors and providers of leading edge personal security technologies and products mean you can benefit from the best of breed solutions & tools, to protect your loved ones wherever you are. 


As importantly, when it comes to personal safety & protection, there are no second chances. We can help you find the right solution to be ready!  Contact us today to find out what's the right one for you!

Depending on the topic, your needs and preferences as well as our availability and local laws - our training sessions can be conducted at your home, office or a local shooting range. Our special bundles include the COMPLETE SOLUTION: from the selection process, through the acquisition, maintenance and training on safe & effective usage of the personal protection devices and knowledge you will have at your possession.   

Our Client Solutions department can customize a specific solution to your unique needs (in other words: when it comes to safety & security - we really don't believe there is a "one size fits all" solution). 

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