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Certified Training

Using the same leading edge technology effectively used by law enforcement units all over the world for over a decade, Taser has made its products available for law-abiding citizens in the US.

Similarly, modeled on the Law Enforcement training, the Taser certified Civilian Training course delivered by DTUSA includes all the knowledge and information you will need to safely store, handle, maintain and operate the Taser self-defense device you purchased.

During this 2-hour training session, at your home, office or our classroom, our professional, 
Taser-certified Civilian Trainer will teach you and your family (or business employees) on the safe and effective usage of these life-saving devices.

Every participant in our Taser-certified training will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the training. We offer periodic refresher courses where you can practice, hands on, handling and shooting your Taser device at conductive targets to maintain your level of proficiency in this remarkable self-defense tool. 

Ongoing Taser maintenance: You want to keep your Taser at peak & reliable performance state. Our Taser-certified trainer can perform periodic maintenance and testing of your Taser unit/s, provide refresher training and replenish your Taser supplies (batteries, cartridges & targets). Contact us to learn more!

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