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  • How is my Taser different than the one used by law enforcement?
    Generally speaking, the same NMI (Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation) technology is used in both the civilian and law enforcement devices. Since the civilian mission is to protect themselves while the officer's mission is not only to protect but also to apprehand the attacker, law enforecement devices have slightly larger range (25 ft. vs. 15 ft) and typically contain additional features relevant to evidence capture/documentation and download (e.g. event log) for post-event debriefing. Civilian Taser devices, on the other hand, have unique features that facilitate more effective use and assist in safe escape. One such feature is the pairing with Noonlight for automated emergency dispatch, as well as an extended cycle (30 seconds of continuous exposure vs. 5 seconds only on a law enforecement device). This allows the Taser owner to lay down the Taser after deployment and safely escape the scene, while the attacker is still being incapacitated by the cycling Taser.
  • Is Taser legal to carry in my state?
    Generally speaking, and based on Taser's website - Tasers are currently legal to possess and carry in most states. You should always consult your local law enforcement agency for the most updated information.
  • How can I get training at my home or office?
    Simply book one of our training courses. Our Taser Certified Civilian Instructor will provide a 2 hour complete training session at your home. Our instructor can also help you set up a new Taser device, advise on proper storage and handling, and answer any questions you may have - to make sure you are ready to protect yourself and your loved ones. Contact us here and one of our training counselers will reach out to discuss your need and help you book your training session!
  • How can I purchase additional cartridges for my Taser?
    Jump into our shop here and pick what you need from the Supplies category!
  • What's Taser's "Safe Escape"?"
    Taser "Safe Escape" is a program launched by Taser to encourage Taser users to use the time the use of the device gives them, while the attacker is incapacitated and controlled by the device's 30 seconds (in the case of Taser Pulse+) to leave their Taser device behind and escape to safety. The program applies only to consumer devices and is based on its terms & conditions, as detailed on Taser's website.
  • How does the Emergency Dispatch work?
    Through the pairing of Taser's Pulse+ with the Noonlight app on your cell phone, Noonlight's control center is immediately notified once the user uses their Taser device, and communicates with the user to find out their situation. If the user fails to respond, enter their secret PIN or otherwise indicates they're in distress - Noonlight's dispatcher alerts law enforcement, giving them the user's information and exact location. Proper functionality relies on a number of factors including, among others, cellular connection and enablement of location services. You can find out more information here.
  • I'm a new gun owner and want to learn how to safely and properly use my gun. Do you offer basic courses to new shooters?
    Yes! We offer basic to advanced firearms courses, including handguns, rifles and shotguns. Check out our list of courses to see what works for you, or contact us here to discuss options with a training counseler.
  • How do I contact Support?
    Please choose "support" on our contact form and provide all the information about the issue you're running into, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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